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CLOUDWRXS. Automation

We Integrate. We Migrate. We Test & Secure

Improving business performance now should define your cloud need

We believe that full cloud migration should be the endpoint, not the starting point, in optimising your current infrastructure. Our unique approach dispenses with the outdated long-term, high-cost, resource-intensive traditional view of IT change and modernisation.

Where SAP meets agile

Our Low Touch, High Impact technology enables SAP and hybrid applications to work together by simply and efficiently decoupling the applications from their underlying infrastructure.  It allows businesses to run legacy, hybrid and cloud native applications as one end-to-end ecosystem for the first time. By implementing these small, incremental but powerful changes to your current business applications; we reduce costs, increase agility and improve service quality for your organisation from day one.

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 Introducing iSuite 

How We Do It

We focus on optimising your current critical business applications to provide near immediate performance, capacity and availability improvements along with greater control and visibility.

Our Intelligent Orchestration Platform is the power behind iSuite. It enables you to manage, test & deliver changes faster by replacing resource intensive operations with modern cloud automation.

The platform reduces costs, increases speed to market, whilst providing immediate improvements to your current resilience capability.


Why Intelligent Cloud Orchestration?

Enabling businesses to deliver In-Year ROI

Complex technical layers are built up over many years; driven by increased business agility demands and rapidly evolving technology landscapes. This disjointed, siloed ecosystem based on product specialisation makes it difficult to find cross platform synergies; in operating cost reduction, performance improvement or delivering reliable and stable outcomes.


With CLOUDWRXS iSuite, this becomes a problem of the past. Our unique technology cloud-enables these siloed systems individually or merges them into a single platform ecosystem. Creating immediate financial returns and visible benefits to your business.



CLOUDWRXS is a software enabled services provider that provides a suite of modulated products that provide immediate improvements to your current infrastructure. Driven by passionate people with decades of cloud modernisation experience. Let us show you how:

  • Discovery identifies your ecosystems immediate wins.

  • Our SAP DRaaS solution with one click failover.

  • Capacity on demand SAP Clones enables cross silo, automated business process testing integration.

  • e2e Integration & Resiliency Testing and how they ensure you have the ability to instantly measure your SAP environment's actual status vs perceived. After every application change, as often as you like. Every week, day or hour if needed.


iSuite. Automation

Our Intelligent Orchestration Platform  automates your digital transformation:

  • Infrastructure Discovery and Monitoring

  • One Touch Execution

  • Services as Code

  • Analytics

  • Resiliency Testing

  • Compliance Framework Workflows

  • Self Service Clones 

iSuite. Agility

Our cloud agnostic approach modernises legacy systems and operates them as cloud native applications.

  • Business Process Integration Testing

  • Self-Service Capacity on Demand

  • LiveClone

  • Continuous Integration

  • Continuous Deployment

  • Cloud Migration and Modernisation

  • Cloud Cost Management & Optimisation

iSuite. Resilience

All inclusive monthly subscription service with NO upfront fees.

  • DRaaS and Cloud Resilience

  • Application and Infrastructure Management 

  • Service Level Reporting

  • Security Optimisation

  • Cloud Security Posture Management

  • Single point of responsibility

  • Operational Agility as a Service

iSuite One platform, many use cases

Powered by CLOUDWRXS. Intelligent Orchestration Platform

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