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Google Cloud allows you to turn SAP data into insight that powers business performance. Best-of-breed artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics capabilities bring data directly to your analysts, who add value to every decision made.

The Google Cloud Philosophy

“We are not trying to replace those solutions; those business-process implementations take years, and there’s a lot of cost associated with going to a customer and telling them ‘Please rip out your supply chain.’ However, what we are doing is helping them, by using our data analytics and machine learning, extract data from these solutions and be much more intelligent in how these applications function.”  - Thomas Kurian, Google Cloud Platform CEO

Why Google​ Analytics?

Analytics stands apart from other cloud platforms because users gain deep insights that inform decision-making and drive up commercial performance. With data storage costs a key priority, our team can build an analytics platform that meets your requirements and delivers a strong ROI. With careful planning and implementation, we’ll help you get the most from it too.

Google is a world leader in data analytics, and we are proud to be a Google Cloud Partner. With 20 of years’ experience in SAP analytics and SAP migrations, we bring expertise to your GCP implementation, so you can push forward new ideas with confidence.  

How can CLOUDWRXS help?

Our business is built on a number of value propositions, across different industries such as Finance, CPG/Retail, Manufacturing, Corporate and Telco/Media/Entertainment. We have worked with customers across these different industries and verticals, using analytics to help them make real time-to-value (TtV), improvements such as: 

  • Reduced customer cash cycle from 160 or more days, to less than 90

  • Optimised multi-year transformation portfolio using prescriptive analytics

  • Reduced compliance risk and cost reduction across HR data sources

  • Increased sales with improved cross-selling opportunities

Get in touch to find out how we could help transform your business.