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Most discoveries are a manual and painstaking operation, normally built from the bottom up – which makes them error-prone, time-consuming and costly. The CLOUDWRXS automated approach is different.


The CLOUDWRXS approach


Our goal is to help you reduce unnecessary costs and errors by removing manual processes and, in some cases, guesswork. Built from the top down, you gain a business-centric view of your current infrastructure and landscape, enabling you to identify applications, services and business functions - not just servers, VMs and routers.


You’ll quickly see the dependencies and data flows between applications and services, which are essential for an intelligent migration plan. We’ll spot high-risk areas, such as external connections and dependencies, so they can be addressed early on in the lifecycle. This will ultimately de-risk migrations and help with forward planning.   


We’ll produce a visual representation of the entire ecosystem, even integrating information into your Service Management CMDB to provide an accurate and up-to-date view. 



The Four Pillars Of Discovery


Helping you to prepare and plan with confidence, we’ll break down your discovery into four parts (or pillars).


What to Expect


The four pillars of discovery require different levels of engagement with us, as detailed below. 

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Cloud Readiness Assessment

Data Centre Discovery

SAP Application Discovery

Migration Planning

We use specialist tooling to collate details on your current infrastructure. This process can take between a week and a month to complete, depending on your requirements. 

CLOUDWRXS will liaise with you to set up the collection software.

Building on the cloud readiness phase, we take an in-depth view of the infrastructure estate and apply knowledge from customer workshops to validate discovered infrastructure elements.


CLOUDWRXS will lead on average one to three workshops to put the information collected into context. 

Using our SAP environments application expertise, we’ll look at different migration paths and carry out an in-depth review of the application estate for your SAP products.


Our SAP certified consultants will carry out multiple customer workshops to discuss any requirements relating to business processes, which were changed during the upgrade.

You receive a fully costed migration plan and timeline. We will identify move groups of applications and liaise with you to ensure the timings align correctly.

CLOUDWRXS consultants will be fully engaged with you during this phase. 

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