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Moving apps from one environment to another is challenging, even for experienced teams, so we’re on hand to help make sure your cloud journey is a success.

Business Consulting

CLOUDWRXS delivers a client-side service to businesses across different sectors.

What does this mean?

Working closely with clients, our goal is to help you achieve the best outcomes for the business. During the first phase of the project, we take the time to understand the requirements of the job, the challenges you face and the questions you might be asked by the board – in terms of cost, performance, ROI, people and the wider marketplace. 


We believe we can only help our clients by truly understanding the context, drivers, and imperative for change and business improvement. 


This insight enables our specialist solutions team to identify the ‘Problems worth solving’, so you can start your cloud journey with confidence.


Increasingly, businesses are looking for in-year returns on projects and to pilot a range of cloud and data initiatives before embarking on an enterprise-wide rollout. Many also want to see greater value from existing core ERP technology investments to improve business insight and customer outcomes. 


Even if you have already started your own evaluation of strategy, the Google Cloud Adoption Framework provides a useful reference:


The framework assesses four themes:


  • Learn. The quality and scale of your learning programs.

  • Lead. The extent to which your IT departments are supported by a mandate from leadership to migrate to GCP.

  • Scale. The extent to which you use cloud-native services, and how much operational automation you currently have in place.

  • Secure. The capability to protect your current environment from unauthorized and inappropriate access.


We like to think of our Strategic Business Consulting as a Framework ++.  Taking it as our starting point, we’ll develop it further to decrease the time-to-value (TtV) and increase ROI on major technology investments.


For large SAP organisations we also discuss the Path to Value (PtV).  The path to value covers the journey of cloud adoption framework, we will break that PtV data into manageable projects to reduce complexity.  Without the PtV context, simply following the Google Cloud Adoption Framework may even increase the TtV, not reduce it – but with our experts, we will help you get the maximum value from your project at every stage.

Get in touch to find out how we can make your Path to Value journey a success.