Image by Liv Hema


Let us transform your applications into cloud native products and  services, mapping the right functions to the right solutions.

Types of Transformation

The CLOUDWRXS team will evaluate the transformation or expansion of workloads to use as many open or native services as possible.


Here are just a few examples of transformations: 

  • SAP environments: Using HANA or DB2 for your Oracle Database back end.

  • Custom workloads: Using Cloud SQL for Oracle workloads, reducing license and maintenance fees

  • Machine Learning: Using Cloud AutoML to tag and classify images instead of deploying your own machine learning models.

  • Infrastructure: Deploying your workloads on GKE instead of using your own self-managed Kubernetes cluster, or even migrating your VMs to containers and running them on GKE

  • Digital transformation: Using App Engine for application web hosting

When evaluating transformation options ,either during SAP migrations or stand alone, we’ll ensure your cloud strategy is set up for success – so you can make the right decisions for the organisation and deliver value, in line with the goals of senior leaders.