CLOUDWRXS develops bespoke cloud solutions tailored to your business needs, whether you work in manufacturing, telco, retail or another sector. 


It may be one of the largest sectors in the global economy – but agriculture is facing a number of challenges, including climate change, population growth and food insecurity. All three could have serious implications for businesses and societies, which means the farming industry is now working in a competitive and volatile market. But data-driven technologies are starting to transform farming practices, enabling businesses to work efficiently and productively.

Banking & Financial Services

Increasing regulation, and competition from cloud-based fintech firms, are making shareholders in traditional financial institutions nervous. We can help transform these businesses with an IT eco-system that delivers agility, innovation and customisation, using key features of the Google Cloud Platform, while also addressing security, data privacy and compliance concerns.  


Whether it is HIPAA or CFR 21 part 11, we ensure data in highly-regulated environments is understood, audited and protected. Talk to us about our unique approach to validated environments on GCP.

Energy & Utilities

Cloud computing's on-demand nature perfectly aligns with that of the energy and utilities sector.  Let us show you how to save unnecessary IT overspend while still maintaining your SAP architecture.


Cloud scalability and elasticity, and the IaaS and SaaS service models, are a perfect fit for addressing the trends and challenges in higher education. Colleges and universities foster a unique culture of collaboration across faculty, students and administrative staff, often in different campuses. The Google Cloud Platform leads the way in bringing people together and removing geographical distance. Over the coming three to five years, cloud adoption will be mandatory for all UK education providers. 


Back in 2013, the UK government introduced a ‘cloud first’ policy for all technology decisions. While other non-cloud solutions may still be considered, they must demonstrate better value-for-money. This is an increasingly difficult task, given the cost advantages of the Google Cloud Platform. CLOUDWRXS will help you in your data centre discovery and show why the government’s cloud-first policy maps to the Google Cloud Platform.