Cloud services for the manufacturing industry 

Changes in Manufacturing technologies

Digital technology is the driving force behind manufacturing today – but the pace of change is so rapid that you need to work hard to stay one step ahead of the competition.  

One problem is that even some large-scale multinational manufacturers still use on-premise systems that require regular maintenance from the IT team.

Companies that want to grow their market share, meet ever-tighter customer deadlines and protect their margins must be lean. They need to harness machine learning, AI, IoT and other new technologies to continually improve their manufacturing processes – and this is why a move to the cloud is key.

Applying cloud-based systems in manufacturing environments

Sometimes a single problem that requires an urgent solution is a catalyst for organisational change, as management teams see what can be achieved for a relatively low cost.  

Applying smart technologies to a defective machine, for example, gives production engineers the insights they need to identify the root of the problem and resolve it, rather than only alleviating the symptoms. By eliminating manual intervention, they should also reduce costs, error and any disruption.   


Once you decide to migrate your SAP ERP to the Google cloud, production teams can connect with partners across the supply chain, solve production line issues and keep avoidable costs down. 

Since SAP committed to supporting SAP Business Suite until 2027 (with an option to extend to 2030), our experts will get you on track to company-wide cloud adoption, so you get the most from the software.

When you integrate SAP with cloud services, you’ll unlock the world of IoT, image analysis, machine learning and predictive analytics – and the productivity and efficiency gains they offer.

Using the Google cloud, CLOUDWRXS develops bespoke solutions tailored to your business needs – whether you work in the FMCG, automotive, aerospace or consumer electronics industry. In a nutshell, our innovative solutions mean that every problem can be tracked, analysed and fully resolved in a quick and cost-effective way – so move to the cloud to keep up with the pace of change. 

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