Retail Analytics for SAP

Cut out the guesswork and get to know your customers 

Customer Habits

Delving into cloud analytics to discover the psychology that drives your customers’ habits has never been more important. Relying on retail analytics and hard data rather than guesswork, enables you to make smarter decisions geared toward higher profits and improved customer satisfaction. Your data across your SAP estate can help to identify trends and highlight just what tempts shoppers to buy your products.

Harness emerging technologies to gain customer insights

Things have been made even more difficult as the COVID-19 pandemic has led to trends spiking and then switching almost instantly - it’s made it really tricky for retailers to keep up. This has placed more of an emphasis on retail leaders having a clear understanding of what their customers want and why they buy their products. 


We know many major retailers are SAP customers and SAP in the Google Cloud can help retailers harness emerging technologies to gain consumer insights, build trust and offer seamless shopping experiences across all channels, helping to improve customer loyalty and overall boost sales. 


You can read our blog here about why retailers should be tapping into cloud analytics. 

Understand your customers with Google Cloud analytics for SAP

  • Insight-fuelled selling 

  • Improved demand forecasting 

  • Detail reports and insights into consumer habits 

  • Optimise marketing, merchandising and workforce spend

  • Break down data silos and understand where your revenue will come from

  • Streamline stock and improve supply chain management

  • Know your customer, to influence strategy

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