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Introducing. iSuite

Low Touch, High Impact

iSuite enables organisations to selectively implement cloud orchestration to SAP and other critical applications in a light touch, high impact way. Applications that are often mistakenly considered too risky, complex or expensive to modernise. Applications where rapid improvements in performance, capacity and availability can produce immediate, visible business benefits.


One touch orchestration reducing manual processes.


Reducing costs and complexity


One end-to-end system which allows testing and flexible capacity.


Test your Lead to Cash process including every feeder system


The ability to handle failures gracefully and recover the whole system. Including the data.


Flip / Flop as needed


Powered by CLOUDWRXS. Intelligent Orchestration Platform

Decoupling applications from their underlying infrastructure

Immediate Value

Our tools and approach improve on what you already have. We don’t just migrate your current problems to the cloud like others do.


CLOUDWRXS automated Discovery tooling is a fixed-cost, low touch, zero impact approach. It maps all SAP environments, infrastructure, feeder applications and connectivity across all legacy and hybrid environments. Identifying which areas that can benefit from our Intelligent Orchestration Platform suite of tools:


Enabling businesses to run legacy and cloud native applications as one e2e ecosystem

CLOUDWRXS Automation: Enabling more to be done with less

CLOUDWRXS Cloning Platform: Capacity on demand & cross platform integration

CLOUDWRXS e2e Testing: Rapid, simple business testing after every single application change

CLOUDWRXS Resilience: Real time automated environment backup and restore, flip/flop & DRaaS

CLOUDWRXS. Our simple to operate, self-service Mission Control provides a single access point, operational control and management along with in-depth analytics


iSuite Data Virtualisation Platform.  At the heart of the Intelligent Orchestration Platform. Providing comprehensive data management with data protection and immediate access for backup and restore, test and development, analytics and disaster recovery. It includes: 

  • CLOUDWRXS. Virtualisation. On-demand production data to enable quicker DevOps cycles & CI/CD processes for SAP environments and all their related systems

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